Welcome to the website of the Ekotrend Fundation!

Today in Warsaw the Ekotrend Foundation has been started, managed by people who have been involved to non-governmental sector for several years. The Foundation will lead ecological projects by working with the educational, local government and business sectors.
Nature, ecology, ECSR, ecotourism in the activities, publications and reports - this is our direction!

The Ekotrend Foundation faces many new tasks related directly and indirectly to an active environmental education for all levels of society and sustainable development based on economic and ecological indicators, guaranteeing the stabilization of modern man and future generations.
An experienced team of Ekotrend Foundation offers initiatives for educational institutions, outdoor workshops, dedicated training for practitioners, comprehensive programs for green business, including the eco-investment area, projects aimed at developing eco-tourism, campaigns and events aimed at strengthening society responsibility for nature.

As a team, we are full of commitment and passion also open to cooperation with all market participators who include the need to develop in the direction of CSR and support and conduct environmental education for different groups of stakeholders in their business or marketing strategy.
The team is not accidental – each person represents well-defined competencies and has got the baggage of experience. Each person has also collaborated with the third sector and business, which is a
guarantee of high quality in action.

We invite you to participate and cooperate in our projects!