If you are close to the values we live by, we invite you to regularly support activities of the Ekotrend Foundation. Join us by paying a fixed amount of money at least three times a year to the following bank account:
41 1750 0012 0000 0000 3350 2583
The funds will be spent only for our statutory purposes and activities and you will receive a special certificate of the "Patron of the Year" as ECSR recommendation. In addition your logotypes will be placed in the information leaflets and website of the Ekotrend Foundation. 


The sponsorship fee enables Sponsor to:

  • place the logotype linked to the Sponsor's website on www.ekotrend.pl site and in other communicative e-products,
  • present the Ekotrend logotype on its own website and in promoting leaflets, catalogues, product labels etc.,
  • publish an article in Ecocolumn section on www.ekotrend.pl site,
  • obtain a certificate confirming the sponsorship support for statutory goals of the Ekotrend Foundation.

If you have questions, please contact the President of the Foundation.