Donor of the Ekotrend Foundation is a person (or organization) who allocates certain funds to a selected educational goal or just for general statutory purposes. Due to many years of experience, we are aware of an enormous challenge for educational institutions to face problems of the environmental education for youth. For this reason, the donation will be assigned to the greatest needs of this domain.
We want to act transparently and give donors the confidence that their money will support a specified action.

We propose to use your donation for one of the listed projects or for the implementation of your own idea for the specified educational institution:

Project 1 – Natural workshops with questing elements.
Project 2 – Natural workshops with the elements of the research.
Project 3 – The cycle of dedicated natural publications.
Project 4 – Natural laboratory.
Project 5 – Natural laboratory and staff training.
Project 6 - The planting trees action.
Project 7- A dedicated project.

The costs of selected project will be presented to donor during the meeting. It is you who choose educational institution which you want to support; you define expectations, project scope and the amount of donation. After signing the contract, you pay a donation to the following bank account:
41 1750 0012 0000 0000 3350 2583
marked "Project number ... (1 - 7) - ... (name of institution)."

If you have questions, please contact the President of the Foundation.
Please note that due to Polish legal regulations the amount of donation may decrease the overall tax charges.

Donation declaration enables the donor to:

  • place the logotype linked to the donor's website on site and sites of grantees if possible,
  • present the Ekotrend logotype on its own website,
  • publish an article in Ekonews section on site,
  • print the logotype on the cover of publications if the granted project gives the opportunity,
  • make an information plate in order to place it in the grantee's office in case there is possibility to accept it